[ntp:questions] Inexpensive OEM GPS units?

Svein Skogen svein at d80.iso100.no
Sun Nov 11 09:49:26 UTC 2007

Wesley J. Landaker wrote:
> Can anyone give me some suggestions on inexpensive (< $100) OEM GPS
> units that support NMEA and 1PPS for use with NTP? Or any non-GPS
> hardware clock sources that anyone can suggest?
> I am already aware of the Garmin GPS 18 LVC, which seems the most
> promising, but I'd like to know about other options if they exist.
> Doing random web searching online for a few hours has mostly found lots
> of more expensive alternatives--I'm just trying to find out what is out
> there in the same or better price range.
> Also, is there any place online that keeps an up-to-date list of this
> kind of thing? The NTP wiki seemed like a likely spot, but there wasn't
> much info about actual hardware.

Having just considered the different options, for pretty much the same
reasons, I ended up with plans for Garmin's GPS15L, an external antenna,
and making a short cable to the main board of the server that is
supposed to run the sync service. Although it doesn't (as such) has pps,
but given that my OEM mainboard (AsRock) has a connector for "IR
Header", I can create a connector that powers the chip from the
mainboard, and connects the TX/RX wires there. Using standard NMEA
protocol, and knowing the latency of the port itself, it can give me a
fairly good, and simple to maintain, clock. It won't be perfect, but it
won't perfectly break my bank account eighter.


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