[ntp:questions] ntpd deletes IPv6 interface after startup

Hauke Lampe packbart at blagga.openchaos.org
Sun Nov 11 14:56:12 UTC 2007


After updating from 4.2.0a to 4.2.4p4, I experience some problems getting 
the IPv6 interface to work again. It did work with 4.2.0a.

ntpd initializes the interface at startup and then deletes it immediately 
afterwards. I tracked the problem down to update_interfaces() in ntp_io.c 
where the interfaceiter in phase I skips the 6-to-4 interface (and others) 
the second and further times the function is called. Thus the interface 
structure's phase field is not updated and phase II marks the interface as 
"GONE" and deletes it.

I haven't found out why the iterator skips the interfaces, yet. Doesn't it 
always use the same set of interfaces returned by getifaddrs()?

I saved debug output from the first and second call to update_interfaces() 


As a workaround, I disabled interface updates (-U 0) and now ntpd keeps 
listening on all interfaces.


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