[ntp:questions] Inexpensive OEM GPS units?

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.org
Mon Nov 12 21:38:30 UTC 2007

On 2007-11-12, David J Taylor wrote:

> Steve Kostecke wrote:
>> BTW: It would be interesting to run a loopstats file from pixie
>> through my plotting tool and get a closer look at your GPS
>> performance.
> Where would I find the loopstats file in BSD?

The OS is relevant only to the extent of the effect it has on the
file path. The location of your statsdir is defined in ./etc/ntp.conf.

> I'm not even sure that I've enabled them.

If you have a block like this in your configuration file, you might see
the *stats files in your statsdir ...

| statsdir /var/log/ntpstats/
| statistics loopstats peerstats clockstats
| filegen loopstats file loopstats type day enable
| filegen peerstats file peerstats type day enable
| filegen clockstats file clockstats type day enable

Keep in mind that the statsdir must be writable by the UID/GID that ntpd
is running under.

If your time server is only polling the GPS, there is probably little
difference between the entries in the peerstats and loopstats files. If,
on the other hand, your time server is polling multiple time sources it
is best to plot the peerstats lines for the GPS.

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