[ntp:questions] New reference clock driver

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Mon Nov 12 22:21:15 UTC 2007


>>> In article <875dfa3d0711111940y4777fb6dw7d5433f2cf677757 at mail.gmail.com>, neo.venu at gmail.com (venu gopal) writes:

venu> Hi all, The GPS receiver is from an Indian Company ACCORD. It has a
venu> custom NMEA data with GPS time and is validity. It also sends standard
venu> NMEA data including GPGGA, GPGLL with UTC time at 9600 baudrate. It
venu> also generates 1 PPS pulse.

The NMEA driver currently uses 3 of 8 'mode' bits - could you swipe another
bit to specify this device, or can you send the device a string and get back
a response, using this to identify that the device is the Accord NMEA clock?

venu> For more information visit http://www.accord-products.com/gpsclock.htm

venu> Since I wanted to sync system to GPS time, I modified NMEA driver to
venu> work with this custom format (for testing). Instead of modifying the
venu> NMEA clock driver, I want to write a new one.

If you want to see support for this device in the ntp source code base, I'm
gonna push Real Hard for this to be part of an existing driver and not a new

We'll also need a maintainer for the patches for this refclock.


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