[ntp:questions] Reference clock all messed up?

Adam Bolte bolad03 at ca.com
Mon Nov 12 22:59:41 UTC 2007

> Huh?  The iburst will affect how quickly your machine decides who to listen
> to for the correct time.  It has nothing to do with the speed with which
> your machine's clock then syncs to the correct time.
I see. Thanks for the correction.

> Adam> Again, not sure if this is safe on a PDC.
> It should be safe for the initial boot.
> It *may* not be safe on a restart, especially if you have database software
> that expects time to monotonically increase.
> I recommend you figure out (as best you can) and *document* your reasons,
> and then you can create a ntp.conf file that will implement those choices.
> If you discover an overlooked case, you update the documentation and the
> config file.
> If a case becomes obsolete/irrelevant, ditto.
Essentially a design document for the config files. Makes sense. Thanks Harlan.


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