[ntp:questions] Inexpensive OEM GPS units?

Wesley J. Landaker wjl at icecavern.net
Mon Nov 12 23:46:13 UTC 2007

John Ioannidis wrote:
> Out of curiosity: what is wrong with the Garmin GPS 18LVC that someone
> would like to look at an alternative? At < $70, it's practically free.

Well, one downside is that it's "free" plus the time, materials, and
knowledge to make yourself a custom cable, do RS-232 level-shifting,
and provide a voltage source. 

It's not hard if you're already a electrical engineer, radio HAM,
hardware hobbyist, etc, but it's still extra hassle. For example, if
there was something similar that was ready to plug into a RS-232 port
with the right levels and PPS already on DCD and a standard DC power
input plug tee'd off, it would be pretty convenient.

Also, in general it's natural to want to know about alternatives (or the
lack of them) so as to be able to make quality decisions.

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