[ntp:questions] Inexpensive OEM GPS units?

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com
Tue Nov 13 08:23:45 UTC 2007

John Ioannidis wrote:
> Out of curiosity: what is wrong with the Garmin GPS 18LVC that someone
> would like to look at an alternative? At < $70, it's practically free.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

I personally got one to work in a couple of hours, including the drive 
to the parts store to pick up an RS232 connector and a short USB cable.

The USB cable has 4 wires, with +5V on Red (Black is Ground), so I 
simply soldered the relevant Garmin wires to TX/RX/DCD/PWR/GND, 
connecting the USB Red/Black wires to the last two.

That's all I needed, and the GPS "just works" like this. :-)


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