[ntp:questions] Details about code structure

Prathapnirmal prathapnirmal at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 19:43:35 UTC 2007

Hi All,
  Which will be the best document to refer if I need to know information
about the organization of code in ntp? I am looking for information like,
* a convenience library is created in libopts directory which is further
used to link against the final exe
* a library is created in libntpd to be linked against ntpd
* ntpd uses libs made in libopts + libntpd

and so on. One obvious way is to look at the makefile.am in each directory
to figure out what is made out of what? But I thought I will put it across
to everyone to see if there is any documentation related to this. Also is
there a design doc that talks about this or other details?

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