[ntp:questions] Can anyone interpret these loopstats?

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Nov 25 00:16:56 UTC 2007

Maarten Wiltink wrote:
> "rtxo" <gnu at localhost.wraith.sf.ca.us> wrote in message
> news:13kecijgavaarf8 at corp.supernews.com...
>> David J Taylor wrote:
>>> In the event log NTP is showing errors: "Unable to initialise the .rnd
>>> file", but I don't think that's key to the operation of NTP itself.
>>> The NTP service shows as running, and the W32time service as stopped.
>> You could find a GNU/linux or freebsd system with openssl installed:
>> # openssl rand 1024 > x
>> ...then move the file "x" to someplace your "other os" ntp can find it
>> with the name "dot rnd" (not sure if you can specify another name).
> There's an environment variable 'RANDFILE' on my system with a likely-
> looking path. OTOH, it may be for PuTTY.

Yes but remember (if you knew) that on Windows and ntpd runs under it's
own account as a service. You need to get RANDFILE defined for the
account and it's not a account you can log onto. If you define it
globally, everyone gets it. The alternative is to put it in the home
directory of the account which looks something like X:\Documents and
Settings\ntpd\ where X: is the appropriate drive. YMMV.


> Groetjes,
> Maarten Wiltink

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