[ntp:questions] Can anyone interpret these loopstats?

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.not-this-bit.nor-this-bit.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 10:50:23 UTC 2007

Martin Burnicki wrote:
> Please note that "the Meinberg build" is based on the official NTP
> sources.
> The only thing the ntpd port for Windows does with the multimedia
> timers is to set them optionally to highest resolution while the ntpd
> service is running.
> This is just to avoid virtual steps in the system time returned by the
> Windows API calls, when another program changed the MM timer
> resolution, which still happened on Vista when I tried last time.
> This MM feature is only enabled if the "-M" flag is given on the
> command line for ntpd. This can be enabled or disabled in the GUI
> setup during installation, or simply by editing the ntpd's ImagePath
> registry key. So it can easily be disabled to see whether the
> behaviour changes.
> Martin

Turning off the HD shutdown had no effect (the system is quite busy do HD 
shotdown may never have been invoked), so I'll try removing the -M switch. 
Martin, have you tested with different versions of Vista and found any 

In particular, I'm using Vista Ultimate on my testbed right now, and there 
may be differences between the firewall in the different Vista editions 
(not yet sure this is true, though).


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