[ntp:questions] Wireless Routers and NTP

Rob Kimberley robin.kimberley at btinternet.com
Wed Nov 28 17:41:17 UTC 2007

"Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote in message 
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> Rob Kimberley wrote:
>> Does anyone have recommendations for an ADSL Wireless Router that I can 
>> manually set the NTP Server address on? My Belkin unit comes 
>> pre-configured with external server addresses. I want to use my own one 
>> here (Meinberg LanTime), as doing some tests on NTP jitter over wireless, 
>> and want all PCs and Router to be taking time from same source.
>> Cheers
>> Rob Kimberley
> Routers generally do not do NTP in any way, shape, or form!  They don't 
> need to know the time!  Expensive professional level (Cisco) routers can 
> act as NTP servers or clients but using them in that way is not 
> recommended.  There have been a couple of moderately infamous exceptions; 
> e.g. Netgear and D-Link.  (Google for Netgear and Wisconsin or D-Link and 
> PHK)
> If what you want is for the router's built in DHCP server to provide an 
> NTP server address it may be possible but I don't know of a router that 
> does that.  The DHCP protocol does allow a query for an NTP server address 
> so it should be possible.  It's possible that a router might forward such 
> a request and the reply.  I don't know of one that does; I've been using 
> the same clunky old LinkSys BEFSR81 for many years now and haven't looked 
> at the consumer router market lately.

I checked the Help File on my Belkin, which gave the following:-
Time and Time Zone
The Router keeps time by connecting to a Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) 
server. This allows the Router to synchronize the system clock to the global 
Internet. The synchronized clock in the Router is used to record the 
security log and control client filtering. Select the time zone that you 
reside in. If you reside in an area that observes Daylight Saving, then 
place a checkmark in the box next to "Enable Daylight Saving". The system 
clock may not update immediately. Allow at least 15 minutes for the router 
to contact the time servers on the Internet and get a response. You cannot 
set the clock yourself.

The last sentence is the problem - I want to manually set. 

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