[ntp:questions] drift file set to -500

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Nov 30 20:15:53 UTC 2007

Aggie wrote:
> Harlan,
> I changed hz to 100 and ran it overnight yesterday. It seemed like it
> had affect on the drift file problem, because normally the drift file
> would have already been created after 10 hrs, and complained about 500
> value in the drift file. But now the drift file still has not been
> created yet, and I haven't seen any complain.
> I'm wondering when drift file will be created.  //I have been running
> it for ~ 24 hrs.
> Thanks,
> Kevin Lam

The reference implementation of ntpd is supposed to create/write a drift 
file at intervals of one hour.  Be certain that the account you use to 
run ntp has the necessary rights to create a file and/or that the 
directory you specified as the location for the file has permissions set 
to allow writing such a file.  It works for me, has for years now!

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