[ntp:questions] Time reset

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Fri Apr 4 08:59:39 UTC 2008

Andy Helten wrote:

>>> offset never went >128ms).  With time steps enabled the drift value
>>> settles <90ppm (and again, no step actually occurs).

90ms is a relatively bad static frequency error; a good machine will be 
around 10ms.  That won't help a clean cold start.

I didn't check, but did you have the default min and maxpoll values.  A 
high minpoll might make it difficult to get the loop to converge from 
there without overflows.

> That is also my understanding, that the kernel does not perform the time
> step but it is the kernel that updates the system time every tick.  My
> understanding of the kernel time discipline is that NTP sets the size of

The kernel time discipline is turned off if you disable steps completely 
  (i.e. you set the minimum error for a step to be more than half a 
second or you set it to zero).


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