[ntp:questions] Time reset

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Sun Apr 6 02:01:21 UTC 2008

Hal Murray wrote:
>> The ntp log file shows when NTP steps the time. But then the potential harm
>> is already done. Especially if the time moves backward, our server might
>> have serious trouble. Is there a log event which indicates that the time is
>> going to be reset in order to enable us to take appropriate action before
>> the actual reset?
> I don't know of any way to get advanced warning when ntpd is about to
> step the time.

You cannot have advanced warning before stepping. It doesn't know until 
it decides it needs to do it.

> There are command line switches to prevent stepping and to allow
> one step at startup time.

Yes. You can use -x to slew always.


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