[ntp:questions] Setting up a NTP Time Server

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Tue Apr 8 22:13:49 UTC 2008

Steve Kostecke <kostecke at ntp.org> writes:

>On 2008-04-08, Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> wrote:

>> Solaris has some sort of "PPS support".  My Motorola M12+T feeds the PPS 
>> into, I believe, the DCD pin on the serial port.  I'm not familiar with 
>> the Garmin driver; it may or may not have that support built in.  If 
>> not, ISTR reading about a PPS driver.

>You don't need a "Garmin driver" for the GPS-18LVC.

>Just use the Atomized NMEA driver (with built-in PPS support).

I assume that you mean to use both the refclock_atom and the refclock_nmea
drivers. ( and

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