[ntp:questions] Ntp in peer configuration

Ginni Misra misraginni at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 9 12:12:43 UTC 2008

  I am trying to use NTP in peer configuration. 
  The requirements: 
1. The machines on the network can start up at different times. 
2. The machines that have come up at a later time than the 1st one, would perform an ntpdate so as to have a correct notion of time quickly. 
3. The case of multiple machines coming up at the same time should be handled 
4. At no point in time should there be multiple NTP servers thus forming two different clock domains. 
5. All machines on the network should have a common notion of time (offset not larger than 20ms) - not necessarily the 'correct' time(no need of getting time from external servers) 
  My Observations: 
If a device that comes up at a later point in time than the 1st does an ntpdate with the 1st, ntpdate fails as the 1st one is not "locked" to any server. 
  So, to solve the above, I configured the 1st machine on the network with reference clock as LOCL. So, when the 2nd device comes up, ntpdate is successful. However, this introduces additional complexity like: 2 devices coming up at the same time and both going for LOCL clocks and then I need to detect and resolve it. Also, it might happen that some devices lock to another NTP server other than the one with LOCL, thus, giving rise to mutiple NTP servers. 
  Any suggestions/pointers are welcome! 

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