[ntp:questions] setting the time using gps-time and pps without ntpd?

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Wed Apr 23 17:44:00 UTC 2008

>>> In article <480DB716.1000404 at komeda-berlin.de>, nb at komeda-berlin.de (Nicola Berndt) writes:

Nicola> Hello, recently I tried building a microsecond precision timeserver
Nicola> using a gps-device with pps signal.

Nicola> The gps-data is transmitted via usb, the pps signal via the rs232
Nicola> carrier detect line.

Nicola> I tried several drivers and they all worked, but I had to figure
Nicola> that obviously my mainboard (via epia en12000EG) has terrible
Nicola> jitter. - unusable!

Your best hope will be to get that PPS signal delivered to either a real
serial port (no USB) or a pin on a parallel port.

The jitter on USB serial is large, as you have seen.

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