[ntp:questions] frequency adjusting only

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Sun Apr 27 11:03:40 UTC 2008

maxime louvel wrote:

> Sorry it's actually difficult for me to precise this topic for
> confidentiality reason of course and also because I'm an intern and thus

You employer needs to engage a specialist consultant under 
non-disclosure agreement.

> there for a short period. Hence I don't know exactly why myself. This is
> just one of the requirement of my project.

It is not possible for you to do a competent job unless you understand 
the context.  Very often people try and delegate a sub-problem when the 
best overall solution doesn't have that sub-problem. Unless the person 
trying to solve the sub-problem, knows the wider context, they can never 
come up with a solution that says the sub-problem doesn't need solving, 
nor can they find a valid compromise solution, as they don't know what 
parts of the problem can be compromised.

The only situations where one would normally not have that context is 
where some sort of military-like need to know security applies, in which 
case it would be unlikely that you would be asking on a public forum, or 
when the project is an academic homework exercise, but this thread has 
gone on rather long for that.

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