[ntp:questions] question on ntp burst

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Sun Apr 27 11:39:36 UTC 2008

Rajaram wrote:
> Hi
> Could someone help me understand behaviour of burst post and pre sync. Does 
> burst works after the system is in sync ?
> Will burst option be sending 8 packets even after it gets synced.
>     if (peer->flags & FLAG_BURST &&
>                             peer_unfit(peer))
>                                 peer->burst = NTP_BURST;
> Regards
> RR

Burst mode is intended for systems that contact a time server, typically 
by dial-up telephone, at intervals of several hours.  It helps to 
minimize the long distance charges.  It will always send eight packets 
at each poll interval.

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