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Bruno Cocciaro b.cocciaro at comeg.it
Wed Apr 30 16:55:02 UTC 2008

Sorry for my english, and sorry if my question is too easy, but I tried for
many days looking at several sites, but I didn't yet solved the question (I
am very new on any question related to internet time, ntp ...).

I use windows systems (2000 or XP)

I would like to connect to any server to receive a string where it is
written the istant time (possibly hh.mm.ss.xxx ). I found several sites
where I may read hh.mm.ss then downloading the page and reading it I could
get the string hh.mm.ss but
1) I'm afraid this is not the fastest way to get istant time (isnt' it
possible somethingh like tcp to any port to any server to receive the answer
2) sites I found give only hh.mm.ss, not hh.mm.ss.xxx

Thank you.
Bruno Cocciaro
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