[ntp:questions] prefer keyword and server failover

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Apr 30 17:55:56 UTC 2008


As has been said many, many times, the documentation for the current 
version I maintain is on the web. Some of the features/hazards in the 
current version are not in the release version. The current 
documentation has a site map and command index which might lesson your 
pain; however, note that what man pages you might see are over my strong 
objection and may contain substantially incorrect information. The only 
true content, warts and all, is on the web pages. As per policy, the 
documentation for previous versions is in the distribution for that 
version. If it doesn't mention a particular feature, it is not available 
in that version.


David Woolley wrote:

> David Woolley wrote:
>> David L. Mills wrote:
>>> See the documention on the true option of the server command. Compare 
>>> with the prefer and noselect options.
>> Where is it documented in 4.2.4p4.  It is in the code, but the 
>> document (clockopt.html) that documents the other server options 
>> doesn't contain the word "true".
> It turns out that it is documented in confopt.html, so I withdraw the 
> suggestion that it is undocumented.
> One of the problems with HTML over man documentation is that one has to 
> navigate the documentation structure to find the right file and it turns 
> out that there are two files that document "server".  I had to grep the 
> directory for \<true\>, in the end, which wasn't helped by the very long 
> lines in the HTML source.
> Actually, although confopt would have been the most relevent page for 
> this thread, the description says its main intended use is for reference 
> clocks, but it is not included/duplicated on the clockopt page, which is 
> the page that one should be using for reference clocks (confopt doesn't 
> document any strictly reference clock only parameters, but does 
> duplicate some of the common ones).
> If one is going to go the hypertext route, I think one needs to go to a 
> much more extreme level and have one file that gives a synopsis of every 
> configuration file command without any description of the options, and a 
> file for each option, hyperlinked from that option.  That way the two 
> server commands would be together and the text of the common options 
> would always be the same.
> In this case I assumed that server would only be documented in one file, 
> so didn't look closely enough to discover that that file only covered 
> the server variant.  That was complicated further because the server 
> variant does fail to document a relevant option.
> You would need both true and prefer in this case, and a suitably recent 
> version of ntpd.

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