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Bruno Cocciaro b.cocciaro at comeg.it
Wed Apr 30 21:40:23 UTC 2008

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> If you are happy with binary results (rather than a string)
> you could use NTP.  (Don't forget to consider time zones.)

Yes, binary results may be good. But I am not able to get this result. I
installed any progs, for example Dimension 4, which connect to any server
and syncronize my pc clock, but this is not what I want.
My problem is this: I run a Labview program which repeat several
measurements (for example 10^6 measurements, 0.1 sec for each one). Labview
prog uses an internal clock which says each measurement is 0.100 s, but I
need to know the instant at which prog performs the first measurement and I
must check that after 10^6 mesurements 1000??.??? seconds was spent. I am
not sure of the fidelity of the internal clock used by Labview. My idea was
that the fastest way to control the fidelity of the internal clock is to add
a little part in my prog where Labview ask to any server the time, for
example by a TCP or by any other way.

Thank you very much to any user answered.
Bruno Cocciaro
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