[ntp:questions] NTPD concurrent clients limit

Phil phil at xxxxxxxxx.xxx
Fri Aug 1 02:48:30 UTC 2008

Unruh wrote:
"Those poor students come onto the lists asking questions and
demonstrating that their knowledge level is low, but they are responsible
to putting out the programs that will be used by thousands of people. "

Unruh, Stop and think a moment, as fast as the electronics and software 
industry has gone, if you were a full-time student you still couldn't keep 
up with the "progress" and changes. Consider the boy that started ebay, he 
cobbled up a bunch of canned scripts for lack of programming experience to 
get that thing going. I would say in the end his approach succeeded beyond 
his wildest dreams.

We all get thrust into positions dealing with the relatively unknown, that's 
how most of us learn and what eventually leads to innovation. That's also 
what got me into electronics in the first place, regardless of how smart you 
are, or what you know, you can never learn it all. The day you stop learning 
is the day you cease to exist.


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