[ntp:questions] UTC Time from NMEA receiver one second behind DCF?

Venu Gopal neo.venu at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 09:46:00 UTC 2008

David J Taylor wrote:
> Venu Gopal wrote:
>> I have a couple of similar experiences !
>> I observed that the NMEA sentences are not generated in sync with PPS.
>> Theres lot of jitter in these sentences resulting in 1 second offsets.
>> Its fine if the jitter is within few milliseconds. But sometimes it
>> exceeds a second and thats really painful.
>> This observation was discussed earlier and the solution is to go for
>> a better GPS receiver!
> Use the shortest GPS sentences, and the highest baud rate, to keep the 
> total message time as short as possible.
The issue is not with the length of the messages and the baud rate.


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