[ntp:questions] UTC Time from NMEA receiver one second behind DCF?

Harald Brinkmann hb7267 at gmx.de
Tue Aug 12 20:50:28 UTC 2008

David J Taylor wrote:

> Harald Brinkmann wrote:
> []
>> The only European source for the Garmin 18LVC I found asks for 160
>> Euro.
> Look harder, then!
>   http://www.gpsw.co.uk/details/prod2402.html
> GBP 66.95 including tax => Euro 85.
> Cheers,
> David

Well, I *looked* harder and all German sources I found ask for well in
excess of 100 Euro. In addition many of them state that the Garmin is out
of production or out of stock. The Navilock starting at just over 30 Euro
is pure cheapskate heaven by comparison. But I am tempted by the U.S.
prices. I will have to sleep over whether I'm a bigger cheapskate or a
bigger nerd.



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