[ntp:questions] Can i control the NTP Sync?

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Wed Aug 13 04:38:50 UTC 2008

sflaish at hotmail.com (Sami al flaish) writes:

>Dear Experts,
>I am thinking of using the NTP services, but I have one problem which is
>When the time zone change from summer to winter or from winter to summer
>So currently we have control on the local time and we changed manually when the time zone change, because we dont change the local time on that machine even due the time zone changed if we have a running operation and we keep it this way until the ongoing job
>Finish. So the problem here if we have the NTP server sync to that machine the sync will force the local time to change, which will affect our operation.

ntp knows nothing about time zones. It gets the remote time in UTC. time
zone info is all handled by your local machine. On unix/linux/.. (sensible
machnes) the machine time is ALWAYS UTC. time routines do the translation
using a file called /etc/localtime. On windows it is more difficult, since
Microsoft has never heard of timezones, so you have to kludge it yourself. 
Exactly how your machine or your implimentation of ntp kludges it I do not


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