[ntp:questions] ntp compliant

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 21 00:26:58 UTC 2008

91change k wrote:
> What exactly ntp compliant means ? . If i have only ntpdate , can i say i am
> ntp compliant ..or i have to run both server and client ?
> Thanks,

As far as I know, it means nothing.

Now there are certain standards called "RFC" which prescribe the 
algorithms and functions of ntpd, and associated software.  I believe 
that RFC-1305 is the RFC that governs NTP V3.  An RFC for V4 is being 
developed but is not yet ready for publication.

If you need to have the correct time at all times, you need to run ntpd 
or some similar software.  Just running ntpd is not, by itself, 
sufficient.  You must write a configuration file that tells ntpd what 
servers or hardware reference clocks to use.  This requires a little 
understanding.  Blindly copying someone else's configuration file may, 
or may not, work for you.

Running ntpdate will get and set the correct time but you cannot run it 
once and forget about it.  Your computer's clock will drift a few 
seconds each day; it might gain or lose two or three minutes per month.

Ntpd will discipline the clock, requiring it to run at exactly one 
second per second and will bring it into synchronization with the 
correct time and keep it in synchronization.

A lot of NTP documentation can be found at http://www.ntp.org

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