[ntp:questions] Very large offset and jitter values after reboot

nb at komeda-berlin.de nb at komeda-berlin.de
Mon Aug 25 11:48:12 UTC 2008

Nicola Berndt wrote:
>> Richard B. Gilbert schrieb:
>>> 600 ms seems to be a large error for a warm start.  Are you using
>>> "-g" to start ntpd?  Forgive me if this has already been asked and
>>> answered.
>> Yes, I do. Strange, right?
>Is there any chance that the PPS you are using is 400ms or 600ms long, and 
>you are actually syncing off the wrong edge of the pulse - and not the 
>edge which co-incides with the UTC second?

Hi David,

somehow you keep getting me wrong, so again in full: I am using:
NMEA, not PPS, because the receiver (u-blox LEA-4H module) has noise on the PPS-line. NMEA is in text-mode and the receiver COULD do binary-mode, wich I don't use.

The 600 ms also occur using networked server (also wrote so before..), so the error comes from elsewhere.

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