[ntp:questions] No libntp.so

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung at meinberg.de
Thu Aug 28 14:16:38 UTC 2008

Hi Kay,

I am working on a libntpq which I developed for a Google Summer of Code project. 
The main goal of this GSoC project was to build an SNMP sub agent daemon which 
would be used with any AgentX compliant SNMP agent (like net-snmp.org). The 
beast called ntpsnmpd will be responsible for the standard NTPv4 MIB that is 
currently in the standardization process within the IETF.

Martin (my colleague here at Meinberg) asked me to contact you about this issue.
You will find some information about this project here:

At the moment I am working on releasing the next version of the NTP Installer 
for Windows (which will include 4.2.4p5) and as soon as I am done with this, I 
will continue to work on the libntpq stuff. It should appear pretty soon in the 
ntp-dev sourcetree (~2 weeks I guess). If you want to test it before that date, 
please contact me via email or telephone. See http://www.meinberg.de for contact 

In its current state libntpq will be a static library (libntpq.a), but it should 
be a snap to build it as a shared object version.

The library itself contains the ntpq sourcecode and a number of wrapper 
functions that are exported and can be accessed from applications that are 
linked against the library.

As Martin already pointed out, this approach results in getting rid of the ASCII 
output generation stuff (that is in your application thrown away by a parser) 
but otherwise resembles what ntpq would do. I think you will probably be able to 
speed things up a little bit because calling a library function will be faster 
than firing up a new process, open a pipe and then read and parse the output.

Best Regards,

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