[ntp:questions] offset with ntpdate and ntpq ?

Stavros Milos root78 at gazeta.pl
Fri Aug 29 12:44:46 UTC 2008

Dnia 29-08-2008 o 00:55:09 David Woolley  
<david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid> napisał(a):

> Why are so many questions turning on the meaning of "Offset", in NTP  
> jargon, today?

Thanks for your answer. I am administrating large network (Intranet).
I need to control time of several internal NTP servers, each located in  
different place/town.
I would like to "read" a time of each remote NTP server and compare it to  
my local referential timeserver, just to examine if offset of each remote  
NTP server is not too high. So, the purpose is not to synchronize time to  
remote NTP servers, but to trace their time to keep a rule:

   "remopte NTP server time" - "my referential NTP server time"  <  0.5s

Stavros Milos

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