[ntp:questions] Leap second bug?

Spoon root at localhost.invalid
Fri Jan 4 13:12:36 UTC 2008

Martin Burnicki wrote:

> Spoon wrote:
>> ntpd kicked my clock forward one second on January 1 at 00:19:38 UTC.
> [...]
>> I also noticed that, the day before, the STA_INS (insert leap second) had
>> been set and reset several times.
> [...]
>> Could this be a leap year bug? or did I just lose connectivity at the
>> wrong time and it's just a coincidence?
> I don't think it's a leap year bug since NTP and the UTC system clock do
> only deal with seconds after an epoche. The leap year thing comes into
> effect only when those seconds are converted to human-readable calendar
> date.

Doh! I meant to write "leap second", not "leap year".

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