[ntp:questions] The smallest possible ntpd, unoptimized

Pierre Dubuc pldubuc at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 4 20:23:13 UTC 2008

I need help setting the configure and build options for ntp-4.2.4p3 on my 
old 486SX running NetBSD-3.1.

I know I've pestered you about a year ago about this old piece of junk, 
and I even got some offers for free newer hardware. That's beside the 
point. I'd like to make this work. Right now, I'm stuck running ntpdate 
from a cron job to sync the clock. And as I've read here so many times, 
"ntpdate is deprecated". ;-)

My goal is to produce the smallest program object to fit in the machine's 
limited memory, but I've determined that it cannot be compiled using the 
cc -O2 parameter. I've been told elsewhere, and can confirm, that this 
level of optimization on a 486SX will attempt to use the FPU's sqrt 
functions, which I obviously don't have (SX doesn't have an FPU; DX does). 
Building ntpd with -O2, which seems to be the build's default 
optimization, makes ntpd croak on my box.

Is there a configuration switch that determines the compiler optimization?

I don't need any refclocks, this box will poll time from my main server. 
So I can probably use ./configure --disable-all-clocks --disable-debug as 
a starting point. Any other tips?

I'm a newbie to BSD, cc, linking, makefiles, configuring and building my 
own software, so please bear with me. I've looked at the help text for 
./configure, but I've seen no options that seem to drive the -O parameter 
for the cc commands the build will be running.

Thanks for any help.

Pierre Dubuc
pldubuc at yahoo.ca

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