[ntp:questions] using both a PPS source and a HBG (dcf-77-like) timesource?

Folkert van Heusden folkert at vanheusden.com
Sun Jan 13 14:59:16 UTC 2008


To my pc I have connected a garmin 18lvc and a HBG radio clock receiver.
Now what I would like to do is:
- let the hbg receiver set the current time and when the HBG signal is
  not available (bad reception or the 59 seconds while it is receiving
  the broadcastmessage) use the PPS signal of the garmin for the PPS(!
  not the time, only the PPS)

I read that for this I need to set:

(my reference clock)
# GUDE expertMouseClock HBG receiver 
server mode 14 prefer
fudge refid HBG

# use PPS signal from Garmin 18 LVC
server minpoll 4 maxpoll 4
fudge flag flag2 1

Is this the correct way? How can I verify that it is using the PPS
Am I right that it currently does not work?
Because it says noreply == poll:
belle:/home/folkert# ntpq -c clockvar
assID=0 status=0101 clk_noreply, last_clk_noreply,
device="PPS Clock Discipline", timecode=, poll=11, noreply=11,
badformat=0, baddata=0, fudgetime1=0.000, stratum=16, refid=,

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