[ntp:questions] Getting SNTP to accept large corrections

Christopher Nelson cnelson at nycap.rr.com
Wed Jan 16 19:31:22 UTC 2008

I have a system without a battery-backed clock and I want to get some
semblance of the right time at boot up using sntp.  Since the time
starts out decades off, I need to accept a large correction on my
initial request.  I'm using sntp from NTP 4.2.4p0 and I don't seem to
be able to convince it to just take whatever time is provided.  I
ended up patching it to have a prompt threshold of INT_MAX but I'd
rather have a command line option that said, "Just this once, trust
me."  Is that expectation way off?  Is anyone else using sntp to get
an initial clock setting when the default time is way off?  How do you
cope with that?

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