[ntp:questions] Getting SNTP to accept large corrections

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Wed Jan 16 21:21:09 UTC 2008

In article <558d2358-f9b3-4696-9874-4d2e12c557a2 at t1g2000pra.googlegroups.com>,
Christopher Nelson <cnelson at nycap.rr.com> wrote:

> I have a system without a battery-backed clock and I want to get some
> semblance of the right time at boot up using sntp.  Since the time
> starts out decades off, I need to accept a large correction on my

NTP timestamps are ambiguous over periods of several decades.  You need to 
preset the time to rather better than that before you run anything that 
depends on NTP.  In particular, anything that starts at the Unix epoch will
not get the correct time from NTP.

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