[ntp:questions] why is my pool server's offset so bad

Pat Farrell fishytv at pfarrell.com
Sun Jan 20 17:59:48 UTC 2008

On Sat, 19 Jan 2008 23:43:00 -0800, Dennis Hilberg, Jr. wrote:
> It looks like switching from openntpd to ntpd solved the problem.  Check out 
> your offset graph now.
> Was your Mandriva 2006 system using ntpd, or openntpd?

Sure looks like its fixed.
Mandriva was ntpd built from sources, as their distro version was way too
old to be used.

Here is my current ntpd.conf, for all the world to see:

# /etc/ntp.conf, configuration for ntpd

driftfile /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift
statsdir /var/log/ntpstats/

statistics loopstats peerstats clockstats
filegen loopstats file loopstats type day enable
filegen peerstats file peerstats type day enable
filegen clockstats file clockstats type day enable

# pool.ntp.org maps to more than 300 low-stratum NTP servers.
server nist1.aol-va.symmetricom.com
server ntp-2.vt.edu
server ntp-4.vt.edu
server ntp-1.cede.psu.edu
#server prometheus.acm.jhu.edu
server time-b.nist.gov

# By default, exchange time with everybody, but don't allow configuration.
# See /usr/share/doc/ntp-doc/html/accopt.html for details.
restrict -4 default kod notrap nomodify nopeer noquery
restrict -6 default kod notrap nomodify nopeer noquery

# Local users may interrogate the ntp server more closely.
restrict ::1

# Clients from this (example!) subnet have unlimited access,
# but only if cryptographically authenticated
#restrict  mask notrust

# If you want to provide time to your local subnet, change the next line.
# (Again, the address is an example only.)

# If you want to listen to time broadcasts on your local subnet,
# de-comment the next lines. Please do this only if you trust everybody
# on the network!
#disable auth

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