[ntp:questions] leapyear bug in gpsd

Johan Swenker no_spam_please at swenker.xs4all.nl
Sun Jan 20 23:29:23 UTC 2008


Today I found why my gps receiver stopped working last newyears eve.

Apparently gpsd has a leapyear bug (repaired on january 1st). Thus it
reported a january 21 while it still was january 20. Which was discarded
by ntp. After compiling the new version of gpsd, my PC once again has
submillisecond accuracy ;)

The PC was running Debian stable, with gpsd from the Debian repositories.
The PC is still running Debian stable, but with a self compiled version of
gpsd. In the mean time I did inform the Debian maintainer by mail.

Thus, if you use gpsd to feed ntpd with the correct time, either wait
untill february 29, or find yourself a better gpsd.

Regards, Johan Swenker

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