[ntp:questions] why is my pool server's offset so bad

Pat Farrell fishytv at pfarrell.com
Mon Jan 21 22:18:25 UTC 2008

On Mon, 21 Jan 2008 09:40:31 -0800, Dennis Hilberg, Jr. wrote:

>> statistics loopstats peerstats clockstats
> You won't generate any clockstats unless your using a clock driver.

Which I assume requires an external real clock, GPS, WWV, etc.?

> Using 'noquery' prevents people from using ntpq and ntpdc (and ntptrace
> too I believe) on your server.  

OK, I took that one out.

>>  broadcast
> Disable broadcast unless you are using it.

Does this control broadcasting as opposed to clients on the local
172.16/16 net doing queries?


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