[ntp:questions] Cheking if clients are update ?!

Heiko Gerstung heiko_removeme_.gerstung at meinberg.de
Tue Jan 22 10:56:38 UTC 2008

RICCARDO schrieb:
 > I'd like checking from my ntpd daemon (time server) if clients
 > synchronize themselves to this one.
 > Which tools or command can I use ?

Hi Riccardo,

you could use
ntpdate -qu ip.of.client.pc
to query the ntpd running on the client and check if the offset and stratum 
level is OK. Or you could include the clients in your server's ntpd.conf like this:

server ip.of.client.no1 noselect
server ip.of.client.no2 noselect
server ip.of.client.no3 noselect

(practical only if you do not have too many clients). Then you would see their 
synchronization status in your ntpq -p billboard.


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