[ntp:questions] NTP vs chrony comparison (Was: oscillations in ntp clock synchronization)

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Fri Jan 25 08:37:48 UTC 2008

David L. Mills wrote:

> 5. This flap about the speed of convergence has become silly. Most of us 
> are less concerned about squeezing to the low microseconds in four 

Have you done the market surveys to confirm this?  I don't have the 
resources or time to do that, but my impression from the sort of 
questions that appear on this newsgroup is that most IT managers and 
turnkey system developers who want better than 100ms clock accuracy want 
one or both of:

- fast convergence (small compared with overall bootup time) - a
   a common case, these days, is that they are not allowed to process
   financial transactions until convergence is complete;

- strict monotonicity.

It may well be that most users don't need better than 100ms, but those 
users don't care about long term stability, and their long term may be 
an 8 hour shift.

(My interest in NTP is more theoretical, as I work in an industry sector 
that, whilst it deals with timestamped data, those timestamps are often 
a minute or two out (and are added by equipment that is out of our 
control), but I do notice the sorts of questions that keep coming up 
time and time again.)

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