[ntp:questions] SNTP test bench

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Jan 30 19:25:20 UTC 2008


Well, there's a reason. In the past serveral days 15 rascals have been 
punished for rate exceed, one of them continuously at 3 others at 11 and 
13 s. The problem is that the rate limit of two KoDs per seconds is 
itself exceeded and the packet is not sent. The system statistics show a 
total ove about 1000 packets per hour dropped due rate exceeded of about 
30000 received packets per hour.

If you set up a test locally, include the

restrict default limited kod

line in the configuration file.


Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:
> "David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> writes:
>>Yes. The rackety.udel.edu NTP server has KoD enabled and an average
>>headway threshold of 16 s. If you send packets at less than 2-s
>>headway or less tha 16-s average headway, you should get a KoD
>>RATE. If you are not authenticated, pogo.udel.edu should spit KoD AUTH
>>at you. But, note that KoDs themselves are rate limited to no more
>>than two per second.
> Hmm, I've been sending requests at one-second intervals without getting
> KoDs back.  It might have something to do with being behind a NAT -
> perhaps rackety doesn't mind as long each request comes from a different
> port?
>>These configurable features are in the current snapshot, so that can
>>do the same things.
> I'll set one up locally (inside the firewall) and see if I have better
> luck with it than with rackety.
> Thanks for your help,

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