[ntp:questions] clock_select() with multiple preferred servers in ntp_proto.c

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Jun 3 02:41:13 UTC 2008


The prefer option is not designed to handle multiple instances. You 
probably want it as a failover provision and it was never designed for that.


Breck Beatie wrote:

> I saw some behavior in our ntp server that puzzled me and in hunting
> through the code to
> understand what I'd done wrong I found what seems to be incorrect code.
> I admit that my
> understanding of ntp is poor, and ntp seems hideously complicated so I
> thought I should
> ask about it.
> If more than one server is configured with the "prefer" key word then
> the ntp server
> seems to select the server with the higher stratum as the sys_prefer
> peer.  The clock_select()
> function in ntp_proto.c builds a peer_list[] array of peer pointers.  It
> seems to build the array
> sorted by increasing (root_distance(peer) + peer->stratum *
> sys_maxdist).  But later when
> trying to select a peer for sys_prefer it searches through the list from
> start to end looking
> for peers with FLAG_PREFER set.  If there is more than one peer with
> then sys_prefer will be set to the one with the highest value of the
> sort metric.
> This seems wrong and it seems that it could be improved by changing the
> loop from
>     for (i = 0; i < nlist; i++)
> to
>     for (i = nlist - 1; i >= 0; i--)
> But as I said before my understnanding of ntp is poor so there is likely
> something I've failed
> to consider.  Gentle correction would be appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.

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