[ntp:questions] Ntpdc crashes when prompting for keyid on Windows

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Mon Jun 9 02:33:59 UTC 2008

Ginni Misra wrote:
> Hi, 
> I am using Ntp version 4.2.5p82 on Windows. 
> I am using ntpdc to dynamically add a peer. I am issuing the following command: 
> ntpdc> addpeer <IP address> 
> Once, I press enter, ntpdc crashes. 
> I traced the problem to the line 
> if ((fi = _fdopen((int)GetStdHandle(STD_INPUT_HANDLE), "r")) == NULL) 
> in the getkeyid function in ntpdc.c file. 
> Tracing further, i found the condition (_osfile(filedes) & FOPEN) was not true 
> Line 56: fdopen.c: _VALIDATE_RETURN((_osfile(filedes) & FOPEN), EBADF, NULL); 
> Has anybody faced this issue or am I missing something?
> Thanks! 

Since you are building this yourself, please try the latest development 
version which I believe is 4.2.5p116. I don't think it will make any 
difference but it's worth giving a try. Otherwise please file a bug 
report. I'm not sure why this would fail.


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