[ntp:questions] NTP shows all servers in condition "reject"

Ronny Egner Ronny.Egner at siv.de
Wed Jun 11 05:22:46 UTC 2008

Steve Kostecke schrieb:
> On 2008-06-09, Ronny Egner <Ronny.Egner at siv.de> wrote:

>> The problem i am facing occur on all my new 6 servers
>> which are all equally configured (Red Hat AS 4 U4, 64-bit).
> Are they VMs?

No, physical machines.

>> server solaris-server
>> server windows-dc-serverA
>> server windows-dc-serverB
> You can reduce the initial sync time from ~ 5 minutes to ~15-20 seconds
> by appending 'iburst' to your server lines.

I will try that.

>> ntpq> peers
>>   remote           refid    st t when poll reach delay  offset jitter
>> ======================================================================
>> solaris-server     10.x.y.2  5 u   18   64  377  0.259 892.342 30.508
>> windows-dc-serverA 10.x.v.1  4 u   17   64  377  0.214 847.816 50.335
>> windows-dc-serverB 10.x.v.1  4 u   22   64  377  0.272 923.808 45.667
> There is a signifiant diference in offsets between those remote time
> servers. And the jitter is quite high. Are all of these server on the
> same LAN? Are any at remote sites or reached over a VPN?

No they are not reacable over a VPN. They are routed through the network
(quite complicated; but there is no WAN part inbetween).

I dont know much about the windows servers. The customer told me i can
use them for time synchronization - so i did it because the network i
highly protected from the outside lan.

>> ntpq> rv 39492
>> assID=39492 status=9014 reach, conf, 1 event, event_reach,
>> srcadr=solaris-server, srcport=123, dstadr=10.x.y.z, dstport=123, leap=00,
>> stratum=5, precision=-18, rootdelay=31.601, rootdispersion=10316.483,
> The root dispersion suggests that this peer has not been synced to a
> real time source is quite a while. This needs to be fixed first.
> Could you please post the solaris-server 'ntpq -p' billboard from (in a
> condensed format as shown above)?

This is from the solaris box:

ntpq> version
ntpq 3-5.93e Mon Sep 20 15:45:42 PDT 1999 (1)

(it is a Solaris 10)

ntpq> peer
      remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset 
#windows-dc-serverA  10.x.v.1  4 u  215 1024  377     0.31    0.888    3.42
+windows-dc-serverB  10.x.v.1  4 u  509 1024  377     0.44   -1.445    2.61

Both windows server seem to get ther ntp data from the host 10.x.v.1.

ntpq> as
ind assID status  conf reach auth condition  last_event cnt
   1 29028  9514   yes   yes  none dist.peer   reachable  1
   2 29029  9414   yes   yes  none   synchr.   reachable  1

status=9514 reach, conf, sel_sys.peer, hi_dist, 1 event, event_reach
srcadr=windows-dc-serverA, srcport=123, dstadr=10.x.y.4,
dstport=123, keyid=0, stratum=4, precision=-6, rootdelay=31.25,
rootdispersion=10120.09, refid=10.x.v.1, delay=0.31, offset=0.89,
dispersion=3.42, reach=377, valid=8, hmode=3, pmode=4, hpoll=10,
ppoll=10, leap=00, flash=0x0<OK>,

status=9414 reach, conf, sel_sync, 1 event, event_reach
srcadr=windows-dc-serverB, srcport=123, dstadr=10.x.y.4,
dstport=123, keyid=0, stratum=4, precision=-6, rootdelay=31.25,
rootdispersion=10113.86, refid=10.x.v.1, delay=0.44, offset=-1.45,
dispersion=2.61, reach=377, valid=8, hmode=3, pmode=4, hpoll=10,
ppoll=10, leap=00, flash=0x0<OK>,

Thanks for your help.
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