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>Folks, I appreciate this is off-topic (although time-related), but the 
>following statement has been made about the loss of a TOD service in a 
>cable modem environment:

>Have dug around and spoke to a couple of people who deal with the head end 
>side of things. The TOD ran on the dhcp servers and the modems were 
>configured to get there TOD from them. I believe it was turned off. It 
>runs as a service under inetd on Solaris and inetd was switched off as a 
>security measure. Due to it being used to give the modem time of day for 
>config files, They will not switch it back on again.

  Solaris 10 had some big changes in the way inetd and services in general
are handled.  In essence, inetd pretty much doesn't run any more.  It's
now done with the svcadm command and its ilk.  Not sure what is the
'default' but some of the things inetd used to do (defined in inetd.conf)
got translated to the new way but default to 'disabled'.  I.e. if you
do a 'svcs -a' you will see all the services and their status (enabled or
disabled).  Some of the ones I see on this box (Solaris 10):

disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/dhcp-server:default
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/daytime:dgram
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/daytime:stream
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/discard:dgram
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/discard:stream
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/echo:dgram
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/echo:stream
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/time:dgram
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/time:stream
disabled       Apr_15   svc:/network/ftp:default

  So if you want to start them you'd use svcadm.


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