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Sun Jun 15 09:28:26 UTC 2008

Hello all,

I posted the following on the timekeepers mailinglist, but I got an
advice to publish it here too.


My Rockwell  "Jupiter" Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver
(Part No. TU30-D140-221/231) results in errors when placed into
'Zodiac Binary Protocol mode' with ntpd in conjunction with
and/or FreeBSD.

In clockstats the following is visible:

PIN J1-8 = low
54627 44849.102 gpos: Navigation solution not valid
54627 44849.642 pulse: jupiter_parse_t: Unknown gweek

PIN J1-8 = high:
54627 44989.341 gpos: Navigation solution not valid
54627 44989.453 unknown message id 1002
54627 44989.861 pulse: jupiter_parse_t: Unknown gweek

In NMEA mode (PIN J1-7 = low) the receiver works, but has the
'random-second-skew' problem as reported in the driver pages from
Dave Mills (driver31). In both this page and the refclock_jupiter.c
source I could not find a lead to the author of this Jupiter driver.

Anyone familiar with this?

Regards, Remco

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