[ntp:questions] [time] Jupiter driver (driver31)

Jason Rabel jason at extremeoverclocking.com
Sun Jun 15 14:07:14 UTC 2008


I've used several Jupiter 8 receivers quite successfully (in Binary Mode)
with NTP & FreeBSD.

Yes, they are not really useable in NMEA mode as the second will jump around
and constantly be off by 1-2sec.

Are you sure your receiver has a valid almanac and enough satellites in
view? Seeing the error "Navigation solution not valid" makes me think that
is your problem.

Most OEM receivers I've seen do not have the super-cap, so any time you
power them up it is a cold-start and will require some time to settle in.
Even with the super-cap I think battery life is maybe one or two days

Did you try using the DOS program "WinLabMon" to see the status of your


> Hello all,
> I posted the following on the timekeepers mailinglist, but I got an
> advice to publish it here too.
> -----
> My Rockwell  "Jupiter" Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver
> (Part No. TU30-D140-221/231) results in errors when placed into
> 'Zodiac Binary Protocol mode' with ntpd in conjunction with
> Linux(PPS)
> and/or FreeBSD.

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