[ntp:questions] Different time indicatios

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.neither-this-bit.nor-this-bit.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 17:25:20 UTC 2008

Arthur S. Cohen wrote:
> Gentlemen,
> Why is your time indication 2 seconds behind the WWV time signals
> from Boulder Colorado?  I am trying to use the NTP visual time
> indicator to time precise instruments and found this important
> difference.
> Thank you,
> Arthur S. Cohen
> Ibsen 72
> Mexico City Mexico 11560


There is no "visual time indicator" in the release NTP software.  What 
software are you using?

- NTP here agrees with the local radio-derived time signals well within a 
fraction of a second.

- The NTP I derive from my GPS is within a few milliseconds of NTP I get 
off the Internet.


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