[ntp:questions] Where is the log file?

Heiko Gerstung heiko.removethistext.gerstung at meinberg.de
Tue Jun 24 07:09:43 UTC 2008

Alan schrieb:
>   The Windows Event log shows an error, "Unable to initialize .rnd
> file":
> Log Name:      Application
> Source:        NTP
> Date:          6/17/2008 7:57:31 PM
> Event ID:      1
> Task Category: None
> Level:         Error
> Keywords:      Classic
> User:          N/A
> Description:
> Unable to initialize .rnd file
>            Anybody know what this means on Vista?    Thanks, Alan

Hi Alan,

please add a environment variable RANDFILE to your system configuration 
which points to the etc subdirectory of your NTP installation.

Like this:

Control Panel > System and Maintenance > System > Advanced Settings

On the "Advanced" tab, use the "Environment Variables" button to open 
the required dialogue. Use the lower "New..." button to add a 
system-wide environment variable named "RANDFILE" and assign a full 
pathname to it, e.g. "C:\PROGRAM FILES\NTP\ETC\ntp.rnd".

Save and restart NTPD and it should work. The installer should do that 
and I will carefully test this on Vista 32/64bit before releasing the 
next version of it.


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