[ntp:questions] Kiss-O'-Death

Bob bobsjunkmail at bellsouth.net
Wed Jun 25 22:14:42 UTC 2008

How exactly do you configure NTP to send a KOD? I'm running Meinberg's port 
under Win XP. I'm a sever in the pool. I've got two remote clients that are 
querying at a rate of several times a minute. Sometimes their queries are 
spaced wider, but sometimes they hit me spaced at only a few seconds apart. 
I can block them in my router, but they'd still be sending traffic my way. 
I'd like to see if KOD makes them go away.  Reading the docs, it appears 
that I need to mod ntp.conf and add restrict x.x.x.x kod, but then I'd need 
to restart the service.

Thanks for any help. 

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